Another blog about kids!

I’ve started following a lot of Mummies on Insta since I found out I was pregnant and a lot of them have blogs. I love reading TTC and Mummy blogs and the further along I get in this pregnancy the more I see myself sitting here nodding my head in agreement with certain things and finally understanding what it is they’ve been banging on about all this time! 

So I thought I’d give this a go. I’m totally expecting that this won’t get updated frequently, it will just be as and when I have something to say. For now I can only really post about TTC and my pregnancy so far. And then you’ll have to sit tight until the baby is here for more updates!

I think there is pretty much only one thing you need to know before going any further. And that is what we’re calling this baby until they arrive; Baby Rara. I’ve been with my boyfriend nearly 6 and a half years, and I’d say I’d given him the nickname Rara within a few weeks! I have no idea how or why. It has no meaning. I just said it one day and it stuck, so this baby was always going to be Baby Rara really.

So I’ll be posting about TTC and throwing out some more of those lovely abrieviations that you will only understand if you’ve been in the business yourself!


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