How hard can pregnancy really be?

Obviously I’ve only just got a toe over the third trimester starting line, so I can’t yet speak for a whole pregnancy, but I can tell you of my experience up until now.
I will throw my hands up and confess when anyone that was pregnant or just been through a pregnancy would tell me how difficult they were finding it, I would say all the right things but not really think much of it. Sure it must suck being a little bit sick in the morning before you leave the house for work but obviously the joy of being pregnant would outweigh that. Let me tell you now, when your friend is telling you just how shitty they are feeling, they aren’t over reacting. When they tell you they’ve been hugging the toilet for days at a time, they won’t be lying!

I found out I was pregnant around 4 or 5 weeks in. And I had little to no symptoms other than being ridiculously tired. I could sleep for 14 hours and have had an hour nap in the day, and I’d still struggle to keep my peepers open. But that didn’t make me feel pregnant, just lazy. I remember telling my friend that I was actually ‘Looking forward to little bit of morning sickness so I could actually feel pregnant’. She replied that I’d be regretting that in a few weeks, and rather smugly I sat there assuming I’d be fine. Most people were sick straight away, that’s how they knew they were pregnant. I’d skipped it all clearly! I now realise I was an absolute idiot! Delusional. Naive. Cocky. All of the above and more!

At the time I was working 6am starts at work, so I was always feeling a little sick first thing pregnant or not, as I struggle to eat anything before leaving the house at half 5. But then by some miracle, I managed to get a weekend off work when I was about 7 or 8 weeks pregnant. That Saturday morning, I woke up at about 4am. Brilliant start to a weekend off! So I decided to get up and watch TV after a few failed attempts at getting back to sleep. I felt odd straight away. I made a cup of tea and sat on the sofa. But my stomach was churning and I felt a little dizzy. I absolutely hate being sick and always have done. I will do anything in my power to stop it from coming out. I know it’s weird, and I know you always feel better once it’s done, but I hate it! 
So there I was on the sofa, having had one sip of tea, feeling it rise instantly. People tell you when you have morning sickness to try plain biscuits. So I got a rich tea biscuit, and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to look at one again! Within about 30 seconds I had my hands clamped over my mouth and I was running to the toilet! And that was that. Except it didn’t stop. I was puking on and off for hours. And my appetite never came back.

I struggled with morning sickness far longer than I thought I would. People say it’s only a first trimester thing. I had morning sickness until 18 weeks, and still to this day I get occasional days where I feel sick or I am sick or I just gag on certain foods. Last week at 27 weeks my appetite went again out of the blue. I know for a fact that strawberries make me puke now. I have no idea if the baby hates them or what but I was really ill when I decided to have some strawberries for breakfast a few weeks ago. And then the following week the same thing happened again so I’ll be avoiding them until Baby Rara is here!

I also tried all the things people will tell you to try. The problem is, I hate ginger. But I tried ginger biscuits and gingery things, and I threw them up! All plain biscuits had the same effect, as did plain crackers. My Mum told me I had to eat something, I tried some toast, and puked it up within 5 minutes. I tried those travel wrist bands, I still puked. I tried eating in bed before I woke up, didn’t help! You get the picture. In the end I actually lost a stone from all the being sick and not wanting to eat anything. Which then freaked me out and I convinced myself that I was a terrible mother and was starving my child. I would try to eat things for the baby even though I knew they wouldn’t stay put!

Another weird thing associated with food aversions and sickness that I never saw coming was my sudden hatred for the kitchen. I’m sure reading this you may just think I was a lazy bitch, but genuinely the thought of standing in front of the oven and preparing food, or even washing up made me feel sick, I just couldn’t do it! I know it’s the strangest thing! Rara’s Mum ended up making us food in batches and bringing it over because it got so bad. We didn’t have food in the house because I wasn’t eating anything. Poor Rara must have hated me those first few months! I also couldn’t face cleaning due to the fact I wanted to sleep next to the toilet. The only thing that got a good bleaching was the toilet, seeing as it was my new best friend now!

Morning sickness goes hand in hand for a lot of mum’s. Then at 13 weeks my whole pregnancy got flipped around. I was on another early start at work on a Saturday morning. I went for a wee, did my business, happened to look down and noticed my knickers had some blood in. It was a little pinky/brown stain. And I pretty much started panicking instantly. I knew I was well past the point of implantation bleeding. I’d had my first scan, even had a second one as Baby Rara has this wonderful habit of being awkward at every scan we attend. Infact I’d had that second 12 week scan less than 24 hours prior to this bleed. Could something have happened overnight? 

I was literally terrified. I turned to Google straight away and couldn’t find a great deal of helpful info. Being a Saturday and 4:30 am I didn’t stand much chance of seeing a GP. I messaged two of my friends desperately who bath managed to calm me down and explain it was normal. I phoned work and said I obviously wouldn’t be in. And then I rang the NHS Direct number after my sister told me to. I totally forgot about this service, I can’t tell you how amazing it is! I spoke to an advisor who asked a lot of questions about how much blood there was and if there was any pain with it. He then got a GP to phone me back, who advised I went to the midwife on the Monday, but if the bleeding got worse or I got any cramps or pains with it I’d have to pop in to hospital. I stayed in bed binge watching a TV series the whole weekend. Then at 9am on the Monday morning I saw a midwife, who ended up sending me to hospital after finding out my blood type.

At my first midwife appointment I had a million blood tests and things done. I hadn’t heard anything back, but the midwife there said my blood type was rehusus negative and that as I’d had a bleed I’d have to go to hospital and have an Anti D injection. I had no idea what was going on, I’d never heard of any of this. I didn’t even know there was a major difference between positive/negative blood types. Turns out, no one I knew had ever heard of it either!

If you’re interested Google about rehusus negative blood and Anti D injections as I will be useless at explaining it! I did however find out that I have the universal blood type. This is given to people quickly if their blood type is unknown, as generally it is the only one that will not cause a reaction. I had to wait a long time for my Anti D injection whilst they found some blood I’m guessing, but it’s made me think about giving blood once Baby Rara is here.
They don’t test Daddy’s blood type. So there’s a chance that Baby Rara may have a positive blood type if  Rara’s blood type is also positive. So after any bleeds of any kind, they will give the Anti D to the mother if they don’t know for sure what blood type baby has. I believe the first baby isn’t at any threat, but any future children can be affected. I was also told by the midwife that I’ll have an increased risk of miscarriage next time around due to my blood type although I haven’t looked in to this as it’s a scary thought! Anyway, I also need a second injection next month, and possibly one after the birth where there is a greater risk that our bloods will have mixed during labour. I also had an internal examination which was joyful! But just the same as a smear test which luckily I have already had last year so it wasn’t too bad. They couldn’t check heartbeat or anything as I wasn’t far enough along so I came home being told everything was probably okay, but that wasn’t enough for me.

I spent the rest of the week off work. I booked myself a scan for the Wednesday, and as soon as we saw little Baby Rara kicking around, all the worry was gone. I came out of that scan breathing the biggest sigh of relief! I went in to work, showed off the pictures to my manager and arranged to come back the next day. Ever since I’ve been on restricted duties. No lifting, no bending, no standing for 8 hours at a time like I used to on a typical shift. And that’s where I’ve been since. I’m not taking any chances both at work or home since!

In the last few weeks I’ve been having all the usual aches and pains of pregnancy. Some days I struggle to stand for longer than 20 minutes. Some days I want to cry because I have the worst back pain ever. I have bloating, swollen ankles, achey legs, my ring doesn’t fit my fat fingers anymore. I recently spent a whole day in hospital following a week of not being able to catch my breath and extreme heart palpitations. I also have a feeling I’m getting carpal tunnel as the last few days my fingers have been tingly and numb, and I have  an odd pain in the palm of my left hand. So far it’s been fun and games! 

I know this is mega long, most of my posts probs will be, but that’s 7 months of pregnancy summed up in a blog post. I’ve heard the third trimester is when it all goes back to shit haha so let’s see how the last few months go!


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