10 baby names I love but won’t be using.

I’ve seen loads of people doing these on YouTube and let’s be honest, I have nothing else to do until Baby Rara puts in an appearance so I thought I’d do one. 

We are Team Yellow so no idea if we need to be picking boys or girls names so we have a fair sized list of potential names. In the future we may end up using one of these names but for now they are just backups. We have really struggled with boys names. Our girl name we’ve had picked out for about 4 years! But we only just decided on a boy name about 3 or 4 weeks ago so the boys list is mainly ones I like and Rara doesn’t as we couldn’t agree!


1. RILEY. This was front runner all the way up until a few weeks ago. Rara suggested it months ago and I really liked it. But as time has gone on he convinced himself the name wasn’t right. I was unwilling to let go of the name until he found an alternative, so lucky for him he did!

2. KYLO. I’m not going to lie, Rara agreed to this a while back for about 10 seconds and swiftly changed his mind. I have never been able to shake it from my head. I love it! But his concern is that it’s too much to name your child after Kylo Ren haha. I would 100% be using this name if he would let me! I also heard it was quite popular last year, but that doesn’t help as Rara wants unusual but not ridiculous names, so if there were a few thousand Kylo’s last year that wouldn’t persuade him to go with it.

3. ARLO. This is one I suggested and Rara never really liked. I’ve heard of quite a few baby Arlo’s recently and I just think it’s such a cute name for a little baby. It’s not one I really pressed for though as I could deffo take it or leave it, but like I said we struggled with any boy names. If there was one I liked even a little bit it was added to the list.

4. BODIE. Another one that I fell for. I actually do really like this one but Rara is not a fan. I’ve never met a Bodie before, it sounds quite American if I think about it so maybe there’s a few more over there?

5. ASH. Not Ashley. Just Ash. Like on Pokemon! Haha I’m pretty sure that will be where Rara got the inspiration for this name, it’s just one that he threw out there and I didn’t totally hate it. When you say it combined with middle name and surname though it doesn’t roll off the tongue properly.
Albie, Fox, Avery, Amery, Logan, Lennon, Cade, Theo, Abel and Indy were all also contenders. We have weird taste in boy names I know!


1. LUNA. We both said we liked this name a few years ago. I have no idea if Rara still likes it but I’m adding it to the list! Apparently no one else likes this name in my family or people think it’s a cat name but I don’t care! Obviously we like it because of Harry Potter so instantly it’s a cool name right?

2. IVY. I love this name a lot! If we had 2 girls I would consider it as the second name, although it is probably too similar to the name we have decided to go with if Baby Rara is a girl so maybe not. Anyway, I heard this name on a film a few years back and Rara said he liked it too so it’s a contender.
3. ELSIE. This is one of the few girl names that Rara doesn’t like but I do so it’s not one we’d ever use. But I do like it a lot so if it was down to me I’d deffo be considering it. I think girl names I seem to prefer more traditional/older sounding names so that’s why this one is a fave with me.

4. ISABELLA. Not Isabelle, but Isabella. That’s the only way I like the name, 1 letter makes all the difference clearly! I like this name but don’t love it. I feel like it may be quite a common name and it doesn’t sound too unique. Saying that the name we have picked for a girl is probably common and not unique so i’ve made myself sound like a knob now haha.

5. WEDNESDAY/FRIDAY. This is a Rara suggestion and I hate it! He’s pretty much thrown out every day of the week as a suggestion, but he was very persistent with it and didn’t just mention it once! I think he thought it would be quirky but I just don’t like months/days as a first name.

Florence, Violet, Harper, Avery, Adelyn, Harley, Lexi and Pearl are also a few of the girl names we liked.


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